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Meet BlackDesti...

April 25, 2015 - The morning after the proposal!

April 25, 2015 - The morning after the proposal!

SO...Who is Omi?

I'm the blogger behind BlackDestinationBride and the hostess of the Destination Wedding Planning Podcast - Bridefriends' Guide to Destination Wedding Podcast.


I am a Black Destination Bride.
I love helping people plan their destination weddings!

...But since we've already established that, more specifically, I’m Doug’s WIFE {still getting butterflies when I say (and type it)} and Spartacus’ pupmom. I'm also Sonya's little sister and Cece and Pee Wee’s daughter, a Lupie (I have an auto-immune disease called Lupus) and an amazing Gym Partner. Oh yeah, I can now put on my Desti Blogger + Podcaster hats too! But most importantly, I’m myself.

I love and appreciate the power of LOVE, hair, fashion, beauty, reading, traveling, cooking, making cute-ugly faces, talking all things Desti... Pretty much everything!
Except being cold...and hungry.

I'm a military brat born in Washington, DC and raised splitting my years between San Diego, CA & Atlanta, GA. Four years ago, I moved from Atlanta, GA to Pittsburgh, PA to live with my then boyfriend...

And I never thought about getting married...
and didn't care. 

It's crazy what LOVE can do! Look at me now...I started the BlackDesti blog while planning my own destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  I have learned soooo much about myself on my journey and can proudly say that I'm learning to love myself more and more every day...but more than that (and the reason you're REALLY here - it's okay, I understand) I've learned soooo much about planning a destination wedding!  And not just my own...oh no - I've interviewed (and continue to interview) others who have been on the same path albeit different budgets, locations, families, lifestyles, colors, partners - it's all the same path. Now I'm curating quite the Desti library and now that my wedding is finished [Insert Happy Dance] it is time to share the wealth - and that's exactly what you're witnessing!  This blog is me opening up and allowing me to share  all of this wonderfulness with the world and I am now an open book... Sort of.

I get butterflies every time I hear about how me sharing my journey and those of others through this blog and the Bridefriends podcast has helped someone else navigate through their own and feel more comfortable taking the steps toward destination wedding planning! The reviews, ratings, shares, comments, and messages really feed my soul! 

As it turns out, I love to talk, especially about Desti weddings and I also love being an open book and take joy in sharing the times when I discovered a strategy, trick or tool that helped me navigate through my adventure and I look forward to sharing more as I go along. And I realized that I FOUND MY PASSION! And it's helping Destis just like you - So we got lucky!

*My Disclaimer: I love my privacy but I also love to share tidbits of my experience as a woman planning my very own destination wedding. I plan to do that through photos, videos + candid posts and podcast episodes. While I love sharing, it's still important to me that really special moments have a level of discretion.

We did it! And so can you!

We did it! And so can you!