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my desti journey

I kept a daily journal! Yes...a DAILY journal...

I present to you: 
My 200-day destination wedding planning countdown! Enjoy!  


*See my disclaimer below!

*My Destination Wedding Journal Disclaimer

On November 8, 2016, I committed to recording my thoughts, feelings and experiences AS A BLACK DESTINATION BRIDE in this online daily journal to share my 200-Day Countdown Journey to my Destination Wedding.

Is it only for BLACK destination wedding brides?

Hell No...

I am simply a black destination bride that didn't see much of a representation out there in the media,
so I'm reppin' for Black Destis in addition to all other Destis.

I'd love the opportunity to share this tell all with you to provide a peek into the mind and world of a Destination Wedding Bride.

So, Please be aware:

There will be girl talk,including tear stains from laughter and frustration (sometimes at the same damn time) 
and the occasional swear word...or 2...or 33.

Hey, I did say that it is MY Journey
and I go nowhere without my swear words!

Feeling curious, have some advice to share or just wanna have some fun at my expense?

well, then...Pour yourself a glass of a lil sumthin' sumthin' (something sparkly is my recommendation) and check me out!

I hope you enjoy my BLACK DESTINATION WEDDING BRIDE journal, because I had every intention of enjoying it too! 
Feel free to share and leave me comments!