Week 3 - Day 5 - Upper Body Day: Arms & Shoulders

Arms & Shoulders Day! 

  • 112’s- Sit on a bench with a dumbbell in each hand and bring them up into shoulder press position. Complete 1 press on right, 1 press on left, then press together = 1 rep. 4 sets of 8 reps.
  • Bent over tricep kickbacks x dumbbell curls- With a dumbbell in each hand bend over and complete 12 kickbacks. Stand upright and complete 12 bicep curls. 4 sets of each.
  • Plate upright rows x Curls x Tricep extensions- Complete 12 upright rows, 12 curls then 12 overhead tricep extensions = 1 set. Complete 4 sets.
  • Rope front raise x Overhead tricep extensions- Set the cable to the bottom and attach a rope. Complete 12 front raises followed by 12 overhead tricep extensions. Complete 3 sets of each.
  • Side raises x Wide curls- With a dumbbell in each hand, complete 12 side raises followed by 12 wide curls. 3 sets of each.
  • Overhead smith press x Close grip smith tricep press- With NO weight, complete 10 overhead shoulder presses on the smith machine. Lower the bar to about waist height and lock it. Place your hands a few inches apart on the center of the bar, walk your feet out a bit and complete 10 presses. 4 sets of each.

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Minimum 2 miles