Welcome to Omi’s Destination Workout Plan

More Affectionately Known as the Sweatin’ for the Destination Weddin’ Journey

Monday Nov 7, 2016

I Pledge Allegiance to the Tribe, to be Sweatin’ Like My Weddin’ is around the corner
— BDB Weddin' Sweatin' Pledge

HEY LOVES! I invite you to read along and hopefully join in by taking a Weddin’ Sweatin’ Pledge as I begin my Sweatin’ for the Destination Weddin’ Fitness Journey. My hope is that if I can go the distance working out for a minimum of 5 days per week and making good eating choices with only 1 weekly treat (sounds better than cheat) meal, then you will consider taking a pledge to do the same with me! NO you do not have to have an upcoming wedding to join, you can just get in the vacation body mindset with me and we can get it in together. Let’s get started!

NO you do not have to have an upcoming wedding to join, you can just get in the vacation body mindset with me and we can get it in together.
— Omi

Why Weekly Plans?
I chose to post weekly because I believe in baby steps… YES, I just said that these weeks are baby steps. Compare it to a lifetime, or just 1 year and you can’t help but agree with me. Finishing each weekly challenge will be an amazing boost, a great jump start and will get our bodies ready to change for the better. I need my dress to fit like Boom, Bang, KaPizzow! Since my wedding is actually 201 days from the date of this post, I’ll go through a few rounds…if I stick through it with no breaks. The first round will be done by the New Year!

Where Did The Workouts Come From?
I’m kind of a Fitness Guinea Pig. Over the years I have participated in several different workout and diet challenges and have had the opportunity to see what works best for me. For anything to “Work Best” for me it must be fun and enjoyable on some level, provide a challenge, increase my energy, provide relatively quick physical results, and not take up too much of my time. Oh, and it can’t  kill me. I’m a simple girl. I have put together all of my favorite workouts and structured them in 5 day cycles to maintain consistency, but switched up the workouts to keep things interesting and keep us engaged. For example, Day 1 is always Booty Day, but the workouts are going to be different every week so that booty don’t get bored. I must make it clear that I am NOT a professional or personal trainer or anything close to such titles. I simply like to workout and explore the gym and put this together in an effort to get married in the best physical condition of my life. We must listen to our bodies and if something doesn’t feel right, I stop it and if I don’t feel good, I rest. That is why it is 5 days and not 7. Those 2 random days will prove useful.

What Are the Rules?
#1 Ground Rule - This must be fun and you must workout some part of your body 5 out of 7 days per week. Everything else is pretty flexible, but this is not. If I can do it, then I am absolutely convinced that anyone can do it! Yes weights are a big part of this workout, and no you will not end up looking like the Hulk or Xena Warrior Princess (unless that is what you are going for. If that’s you, do ya thang sista girl). I know this from personal experience and I've read up on it too, but in case you need some more convincing, check out what Fitness Magazine has to say about it here.

How Challenging Will This Be?
Even though I try to stay healthy and in overall good shape, and I first began my personal mission to get this body super right several months ago, I estimate that I only went about 75 or 80% of the way. This initial change was an extremely big transition for me, and I imagine that going the extra 20 to 25% of the way is not going to be easy either. The fact that this is going to be during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays will bring about new levels of creativity and push us pretty hard. The biggest challenge of all may very well be getting my fiance to be a team player and join me all the way without having any slip-ups! Hopefully it will help that I plan to reward him with a Cheesesteak and Brownies Day (both of which I banished from our home many months ago) one we make it through the first 8 weeks. But before we get started, I would like to reminisce for a moment about what will be missed the most…

There's nothin like a nice pretty drink...or drank, depending on the day

There's nothin like a nice pretty drink...or drank, depending on the day

My daily drinks
Yes, I have a drink every day and no, i am not ashamed of it. I don’t schedule it that way, it just usually works out like that. Maybe a nice after-work Espolon and St. Germain cocktail while watching some Shark Tank or Housewives of Wherever, or maybe a glass of wine while cooking dinner with my boo, or maybe a Bailey’s and cacao powder on the rocks for dessert…And don’t get me started on Happy Hour - aahh, great times!  See how easy it is? Don’t judge me. For this challenge and this challenge alone I will have a maximum of 3 drinks per week. I can drink them whenever I like, but must log the calories to make sure that I can afford them. This may not seem too hard, but when you factor in Steelers Football, your girl is in deep shit.

My fiancé:
Undoubtedly, Cheesesteaks and Brownies - hence, the Cheesesteak and Brownies Day Completion Reward referenced above. I’ll ask him and see what he says, but I feel safe answering this for him. He may mention Sour Patch Kids as well, but I can bet money that he will have a secret bag of those in his desk anyway, so we will ignore those.

I will add new posts several times a week ( be sure to subscribe to my newsletter) to discuss the challenges and hurdles we face during our journey. I will also be posting workouts on Instagram using coordinating hashtags beginning with #bdb to provide workout examples (i.e. #bdbsitups). Effective November 9th, My Wedding Planning Journal is Live as well, so check that out too!

So who is in? Comment below to let me know what you will miss most and when you are starting. Let’s also connect on Instagram to hold each other accountable.


And this is officially my Week 1: Day 1…so jump on in and let’s get this party started!