How to Plan a Destination Wedding | #ASKADESTI LIVE EP. 2 | Live Q+A [2017]

Hey Destis + Bridefriends! Here is the recording of Episode 2 of ASK A DESTI LIVE!

Ever wondered how to plan a destination wedding? Well wonder no more!

Today, In addition to the live Q+A, I answered:

- I love your you have any Photography tips? 

-  Do you have a wedding registry for your destination wedding? My fiancé thinks it’s tacky and my mom thinks it’s asking too much. 

- How do I choose the right wedding planner?

- Did you ship anything to Mexico? If so, how and if not - how did you get all of your items there? I’m stressed out and terrified of shipping. 

- What advice can you offer for hair? I can’t pick a style?

- I see that you have a workout schedule on the BlackDesti blog - by the way Love it! But How did you stick to your workouts? Do you have any advice? And some of the workouts I’ve never heard of - are you going to do any videos?

+ more in live Q+A!

*This is a recording of my weekly ASKADESTI LIVE Series - every Saturday @10am EST.

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Thanks for watching! More videos coming soon!

Thanks so very much for joining me and if you're tardy to the party, be sure to comment any additional questions - I'm always watching and will be sure to respond! 

At the very least I'll be answering questions every Saturday, but I really enjoyed this so don't be surprised if you see me more often!

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