108 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride


Day 108

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Temperature: High 64° / Low 44°


What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

Wow! It really is Wednesday...or should I say was Wednesday since the day is pretty much already over… It certainly feels Hump Day-ish. I did get some wedding planning stuff going today, but not enough to be happy about.


How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

Minimal pain today kept me at a 2 today and I know that I need to get my ass back in the gym to keep this good feeling going. Whenever I slack off too much on my healthy choices, the numbers go up...and I don’t want any parts of that.

Now that I think about it, make the pain a 3 today because I woke up with a vicious pain in my hands this morning. I took my meds and slept for another 15 or 30 minutes and woke up better. Shit, I was SO okay that I almost forgot about it. Last change...In that case, I’ll make it a 2 ½ since I almost forgot about it.


Workout Time & Duration?

Just because I polished off those cookies yesterday and said that I was going to work it off today, that doesn’t mean that I really was going to work it off today. GEEZ! I had great intentions, but work got the best of me and no workout for Omi AGAIN!

Since I only get 2 “off days” I guess those are already used up for the week...It looks like I’ll be in the gym for the rest of the week. And I'm kidding myself because I told myself to start doing at least 30 mins of cardio every day...I have NO idea what I was smoking to say THAT! Yeah, right!


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

I made some decisions on the lighting that I need to go over with Che. I don’t think that we need as much lighting as we thought that we did...and I found some welcome bag ideas that I like too. I’ll tell him tomorrow since haven’t seen him all day
(I sound salty, but I’m not)

Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?

No, but since I never put anything here, I can put this:

While interviewing Lea (my napkin lady/napkin fairy) as a Desti and DestiPro this morning, she did update me and let me know that my napkins will be here in a couple of days! I’m actually liking the suspense!

Loving Black Love Moment?

Well, I have only seen my man for less than 30 minutes today and he’s out for drinks with the fellas while I’m journaling, so I’m tempted to struggle for a Loving Moment for the day...but then I remembered the smile he brought to my face in the middle of the day. He sent a text reminding me that he loves me and that we are going to have a FUCKING BALL in Atlanta in a few months and I couldn’t help but get excited all over again and get all ooey-gooey inside.

Did he say “FUCKING BALL”? Of course not...but I know that’s what he meant.

What am I happy for?

I’m happy that the book club is “reactivated”. We’re going to meet for Brunch/Lunch on Sunday to talk about the last book that we read...That reminds me: It has been so long, I’m gonna have to bring that audiobook back and do a recap before then.


What could I have done better?

One word: Gym

What am I doing tomorrow?

I have my Invisalign appointment tomorrow and I’m pretty excited about it! I’m progressing very well and I’m almost finished, so I can’t wait to see how this appointment will go!

...And the gym
...And making tomorrow better than today!