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Day 200!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Temperature: High 67°/ Low 49° 

Morning madness:

6:30 AM ALARM...SNOOZE Nope,not happening

6:37AM  SNOOZE...still not happening - but what am I gonna wear today? Wait -- did I review the email that Che drafted for the guest's reminder? Didn't it have something in it I wanted to add?...Yeah, they need to be sure to fly into the Cancun (CUN) Airport. Gotta remember to add that...Or tell him to add it.

And WHY ON EARTH did we think it was a good idea to join the rest of Pittsburgh in the early morning "before I go to work, imma vote" crowd? We both look at each other and shut that shit down immediately. We’ll go in the afternoon while most of downtown is at work. No, we don't know that's best, but we are a unit so that makes this decision okay -- No judgments from either party.

Even with the Daylight Savings time change only 2 days ago, it's still too damn early!

Oooh shit! It's ELECTION DAY bitches!!! But really,what am I gonna wear? And how cold is it out there anyway?

How is it possible that the actual temperature is 13 degrees less than the estimated low???

How is it possible that the actual temperature is 13 degrees less than the estimated low???


How is it possible that the actual temperature is 13 degrees less than the estimated low??? Huh? How?!?


 The devil is a lie - I can buy a little more time and a few more degrees...Master Plan: Roll into spooning position to gain the ultimate level of warmth...Eyes shutting…

1 hour later and 8 more degrees from Mother Nature -  and I'm off!

How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

But No aches, no probs & all meds taken! No brace and no heating pad today! Whoop! Whoop!


Workout Time & Duration?

Skipped it today… Wait -- Does emptying half of the dishwasher count? According to the workout plan… Negative!

What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?
Finishing up work projects   |   Adding final touches to the blog launch (complete with meltdown)   |   Election Day   |    Etsy adventures

Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?

  • Pulled out and looked at wedding invitations together
  • It's not exactly an old task, but...Napkins…is $400 too much to spend on 40 napkins? Yes, I know it is, but they're not just ANY napkins, their huipil napkins... My Etsy message flurry begins!

New Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

  1. Guest travel reminder emails sent
  2. Cleaned up the Appy Couple website with Future Hubby
  3.  Contacted 5 different Etsy Vendors for napkin and tablecloth needs


Loving Black Love Moment?

  1. This morning's sleep in teamwork! 
  2. Bringing out our wedding invitations - Che wanted to see them again and then told me that he looks at our website often - heart heart :) Love that man!

What am I happy for?

My supportive fiance
Pressing Publish on my First Blog Post this morning!
Another great and healthy day - flare up free!

What could I have done better?

Nothing... I fucking rock! 
Well maybe, I can work on my prioritization... 
And asking for help. I suck at that and if I would have asked Doug for help, he wouldn't have had to watch me almost crumble before his eyes earlier today. At one point, I became too overwhelmed and couldn't see straight and get this blog off the ground.  Asking for help could have saved him from having to swoop in, straighten me out and be my Captain Save an Omi again... But I DO love it when that happens.
 Ahh, I'll work on it anyway.


Lessons Learned Today

I'm the Shit     |     I need to Prioritize Better    |    It's Okay to Ask for Help


What am I doing tomorrow?

Above All Else: My first wedding dress fitting & extra fabric drop off!

Also, working, following up on Napkins (probably won't get to it, but at least adding it to my To-Do List),  letting the DC Fam know that I am coming to town this weekend.

AND...Going Live with BDB Blog - with kick-off post about TODAY


Relax Relate Release Song of the Day: Jah Cure - Love You


sleepy time @ 2:17am

Note to self: Gotta do better on Sleepy Time