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Today's workout motivation...I'll be back here in less than 136 days!!!

Today's workout motivation...I'll be back here in less than 136 days!!!

Day 136

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Temperature: High 54° / Low 49°
The weather is warmer, but I refuse to accept it because I know January is just playing with my emotions. I know this shit is temporary...I’m not falling for it January.


What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

Yet another productive day for the books!
I faced some realities about myself, did some damage control for my wedding dress fitting, and had drinks with some girlfriends...
All-in-all, I’m satisfied with this Hump Day!  


How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

I’d put myself at a 99% today and I’m hype about it!
My pain was at a cool 4.5, which is pretty much back to normal. My energy level isn’t quite back, so I’m holding 1% until that’s back to the norm too!

I'm almost there!



Workout Time & Duration?

I was a gym rockstar today! Core Day is, of course, one of my faves but I may have outdone myself in the gym today.
I did 1 full hour of cardio instead of my planned 15 minutes...get that wack shit outta here!
And then I still banged out 45 minutes of core workouts. Part of today’s fuel for the workout was generated while thinking about the beach, just how un-swimsuit ready I am and about tomorrow’s dress fitting.


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

About that fitting I had scheduled for tomorrow...I say HAD because I have a confession:

I rescheduled that shit!
And I’m not ashamed….It needed to be done.

While I was going extra-ham in the gym, I realized that I am not going to do anything of substance between today and tomorrow, so I had to stop the madness. I had a woosaa moment and when I hopped off of the elliptical I sent my seamstress Debbie a text:


Straight and to the point (other than the "Do you time", I was obviously a little frantic in my texting)...and Done!
This is the only time I’m doing this, but I really felt the anxiety coming about not feeling right for the fitting. I don't want or need that energy, so I rejected it!  Between the holidays and my flare up, my body just isn’t feeling like MY BODY, so I need a little more time. And I asked for it.
I love Debbie! She's the best!

I refuse to sour my dress fitting experience with anxiety and discomfort, so I have 2 weeks to get my shit back together.
I got this!

Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?


Loving Black Love Moment?

I had drinks with the girls planned for this evening, so Che decided to go home a little earlier to fully embrace our empty home and get some time to himself. I think that’s cute. We all need it and I get time to myself all the time! But not Che...oh no...

He leaves home for work - I’m here...Comes home from work...Still here…

And yes, that is a GIFT and he knows that, but I’m a lot so I’m happy he got some HIM TIME in tonight. I firmly believe that alone time is one of the healthiest things for a relationship and I remember reading something a long time ago that said that it gives each person time to decompress, be themselves and be secure with their identity outside of the relationship. I’ve had relationships where that alone time was not afforded to me and damn I needed and missed that shit. I love my fiancé very much and he deserves more HIM TIME…Alone time is love too...

Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

What am I happy for?

Great conversations with girlfriends! I had a great time with my girls for happy hour tonight and can’t wait to do it again. Sometimes you gotta let your hair down and chill and shoot the shit with your girls...tonight was that kind of night...and did we take pictures?                 No.

Did I say I would be better about that?...yes!

But was I?...nope!


What could I have done better?

The only thing I’d change about today is that I didn’t get any pictures tonight. And we were all cute too!


At least I’m noticing the missing pics. That’s step one...the next step is to do something about it.

For now I'll be ashamed...


What am I doing tomorrow?

Keeping my #GymLife train moving and picking up our wedding bands!