172 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride

Day 172

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Temperature: High 41° / Low 35°


What Kind  of Day Did I Have & Why?

Gloomy. It was gray and rainy all day outside and inside. Inside of my body, that is… This is one of those days where I hate having Lupus. Sometimes Lupus just wins… It was a small loss for me, but I’ll bounce back...I was doing too much in the beginning of the day, but by mid-day, I took it easy.


How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

I had to take a nap to get my life together. Not a normal nap...it was more of an “I need to recharge before I pass out” type of nap.

It was a little rough. Not a little, very rough actually.

Pain mixed with exhaustion made today about an 8.


Workout Time & Duration?

I had to bow out on my workout today. It hurt my feelings but was terribly necessary. I went too hard yesterday and this exactly is what I get. I had to substitute my workout for a damn nap. Quite pitiful if I can say so myself. SMDHAMDS (See day 176 for translation)…Tomorrow will be better...It has to be.


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

Haha! Yeah, the only destination wedding task I completed was making sure I made it through the day. Yeah, that counts as a task! I made sure I would live another day to get closer to the wedding. I’ll check that one off for today!


Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?

I had to bullshit my way through an answer for a current task...I can’t do it again! Please don’t make me.

Loving Black Love Moment?

Since Lupus was busy kicking my ass all day, dinner was the last thing on my mind. Hell, I don’t even remember what I had for lunch...Wait, did I eat lunch? I’m not so sure. Anyway, Che’s teamwork kicked into high gear and he took over the dinner situation and made sure we ate. Sadly, we really wouldn’t have eaten anything if was up to me, so he saved the day with that one.


What am I happy for?

Apple Music for providing random and awesomely curated playlists and albums. I’ve already been enjoying them, but on a day like this my Sleep Music Lullabies playlist is the shit! It’s 101 Songs that soothe the heck out of me. I’m seriously motivated to try meditation out with this one. We’ll see how that works out, but for now, I’m happy for Apple Music.


What could I have done better?

I pushed myself to get some things done before I finally had to tap out and take that nap. I had no business doing all of that. I was just saying how happy I was to be able to take care of myself and then I do all of this pushing over the past couple of days. Makes NO SENSE Omi… Gotta do better girlfriend.. (This me telling myself to get my shit together in a nice way).


What am I doing tomorrow?

Somehow I’m going to have to pull it together to train my replacement and I have to run some household errands to handle beforehand.  I’m gonna have to pull out my 24k Magic… I’m listening to Bruno Mars right now if it isn’t yet obvious.