199 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride

Day 199

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Temperature: High 60° / Low 45°

What Kind  of Day Did I Have & Why?
Irksome, but Productive…2 more words: Fabric and Published.
It'll make sense later.

Health/Lupie Status? / How Do I Feel?

I was a little more achy than usual today… As in, 3 pain pills today. My usual is 2, and on a great day I’m a one-timer so today was a little rough. I didn’t get any resting time and I should already know by now that if I don’t get my minimum 30 minutes of chillax time in, this is how my day will go. If I carry on this way tomorrow, I can guarantee my wonderful weekend with family that I'm looking forward to will go straight to the shitter...So this can’t happen again tomorrow. I’ll still workout, but gotta get some chill time in.

Workout Time & Duration?

Later than usual, but we got it done. Che got home a little late and because I was not quite at 100%, I wasn’t exactly on point myself. I did have on workout clothes, but no part of me was ready to actually use them. “Are we having dinner on time (before 8pm-ish), or going to the gym”, after a few breaths worth of silence, the guilt settles in and off to the gym we go! The brunt of that victory was on Che’s shoulders for sure. Day 2: Arms & Shoulders was a trip, but I toughed it out. And it was the perfect workout to have a few hours after my first wedding dress fitting. Hell, any workout is probably on point after that appointment! You just bang it out, picture yourself back in that dress and the motivation is amazing. Hopefully, I can keep that feeling for another month, which will be fitting #2.

Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

Wedding Dress Fitting! It went well, I’d say stupendously but there was a hitch at the very end.

Only if I knew what was really in this box

Only if I knew what was really in this box

I can only share so much about the appointment without revealing any details about the design of the dress (fiancé eyes are watching), but I first wanna say that my seamstress - Debbie is an amazing woman.

If I could give any advice regarding wedding dress alterations (which I will in an upcoming post) it would be to really research the best seamstresses in your city. Read reviews! So many brides just go with their seamstress as assigned at the store where their gown was purchased, but that is not a mandatory action. Because I bought my gown in Atlanta and live here in Pittsburgh, I didn’t have a choice but to find one here. Nonetheless, I highly recommend shopping around a bit.  Now that I got that out of my system… where was I?

Oh yeah, Debbie! Debbie is like a friggin Wedding Dress X-ray Machine. She can look straight through your gown and figure out structurally, what you need for your body type. She also knows that we normal people don’t have the same vision or understanding that she has, so we will need to be spoonfed. She warned that I may be alarmed the next time I see my dress under construction, but assured me that it is a necessary part of the process and she knows what she’s doing. I told you she was amazing. My body measurements are a bit unconventional, especially in the wedding industry so I have the perfect woman handling my alterations. I love her so dearly… But I can admit and also understand that when I’m doing anything wedding related and it goes well, I love a little harder. The same can be said for the opposite & when things don't go so well. Which brings me to the end of the appointment.

Just as I was raving about how much I LOOOOVEEE alterations and don’t understand why brides don’t talk about how wonderful the experience is anywhere near enough...the unthinkable happened! My damn fabric...the same fabric that I had to special ordered from Bridals by Lori to open the cups of my dress is WRONG! Like really, really wrong. Like I don’t understand how anyone who knows what dress they sold me could confuse it for being right kinda wrong. Now, I will explain what the hell opening the cups even means in another post (bear with me, it is only my 2nd day), but the basic premise it that I need more fabric for these boobs of mine. So I called and had to order more fabric and have it shipped to me. And apparently, during that call, I asked for them to play with my emotions and send me the wrong fabric. Anyway, Debbie could see how pissed I was and immediately reminded me that we have plenty of time to get this corrected. Man oh man... her assurance was just what the doctor ordered because baybay… The freakout was cranking up. We took some pictures for me to send for reference and she sent me on my merry way (as merry as I could be) with the correct wording and an additional reminder that it will be okay. I went home to call and let loose on Bridals by Lori - not Flo, because I like her… but someone was gonna get it!

Annnnddddd….they’re closed on Wednesdays. Really tho?!? What is today? Wednesday, what the hell? Who closes on Wednesday? Who am I supposed to yell at now? After about 80 more rhetorical questions to myself, the seething subsides and I realize that it’s probably for the better. I’ll send an email tomorrow and call if I don’t get a response. Yeah, that’s it. Woossaaahhh...

Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?
Nope! And thank goodness because I had to get my mind right about the fabric fiasco and also get the website in a great place to go live.


Loving Black Love Moment?
While cooking dinner, Che asks me what I want my celebratory drink to be. My response “What are we celebrating?” His answer was that my blog going live should be celebrated. He was sure to let me know how proud he was of me and without getting too deep into our business and embarrassing him... That level of love and support can’t be ignored and should be celebrated on its own. Gotta love love.

What am I happy for?
Other than my supportive and extremely handsome future husband...

  1. Debbie, my amazing seamstress
  2. Finding my dress in enough time to allow to mistakes happen without ruining my life
  3. Of course, there are other things. But really...all I can think about is my dress fabric right now. And I’m fine with that.
  4. Oh wait, how could I forget: GOING LIVE WITH WWW.BLACKDESTINATIONBRIDE.COM TODAY! I’m really proud of myself as this is my first time journaling - EVER.

What could I have done better?
I still need work on listening to my body. I'm getting better at it, but I should have rested at some point in the day and pushed a little harder than I should have.

What am I doing tomorrow?
Gonna keep it to the Top 2: Hopefully, the napkin emails I didn’t get to do today and my farewell lunch with my co-workers.

Sleepytime? I have no idea. I think I blinked and fell asleep, but it was before midnight.