Week 2 - Day 2: Upper Body Day: Chest & Shoulders

  • Dumbbell snatch- There will be no rest between sets for these. Hold a dumbbell in one hand at your side, place the other on your core for stabilization. To perform a snatch, drive your elbow up to an upright row, tuck your elbow under and complete the movement by pressing the dumbbell overhead. Control on the descent. Complete 5 reps on your left arm, then 5 on your right, 5 on left, 5 on right etc. No break until you've complete 5 sets of 5 reps on each arm.
  • Dumbbell front raise x Svend press - With a dumbbell in each hand complete 10 front raises on each arm. Immediately after, press the dumbbells together with a neutral grip and complete 10 svend presses. If the weight is too heavy, drop one and use a single dumbbell for these. 4 sets.
  • Incline dumbbell press x Isolated side raise- Set your bench to an incline and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Complete 8 reps. Immediately after, get on your side on the bench and complete 10 side raises, then switch to opposite side. 4 sets of each. You may need heavier weight for the presses and lighter weight for side raises.
  • 90􀀁 fly x Rear delt fly- Set your cables to the highest setting, grab the ends with no handles (overhand grip), bend over to a 90􀀁 angle and complete 12 flys. Stand up,  grab the left cable in your right hand and the right cable in your left hand and complete 12 rear delt flys. 4 sets of each.

Complete as a circuit. Rest after each completed round, not between exercises! 3 total rounds.

Weighted leg raises- 10 reps
Weighted scissor kicks- 10 L side, 10 R side
Mountain climbers - 30 seconds