Leg Day | 2

Make sure shoulders are back, chest out, chin up & abs tight!
NEVER let knees go over toes when lunging and squatting...knees should always be @ 90 degrees

Start with moderate to heavy, end with *HEAVY*   |  The  more you lift, the less reps you will be able to do.
 When you add weight, you build muscle.   |    Light or no weight  burns out  and  tones (Lean muscle)



Bike w/ higher tension is best
15-minute Warmup

  • Wall Chair Squats - Sit in chair position against the wall with feet shoulder width apart. Legs are positioned at a 90-degree angle with shoulders touching the wall. Chin up & abs tight! For each round, sit with 25 or 45 lbs plate on thighs for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Hold this position. You may need assistance with placing and removing weight - if alone do this exercise near a bench where you can slide the plate during breaks. 4 sets.
  • Single leg bench squats x Front squats- Holding a straight bar on your shoulders, complete 10 single leg squats onto a bench on each leg. Then hold the bar in front-squat position and complete 12 front squats. 4 sets of each.
  • Extensions x Goblet squats- Complete 15 leg extensions immediately followed by 15 goblet squats. You’ll need to bring a kettlebell or dumbbell over to the leg extension machine. 4 sets of each.
  • Smith lunge pulse x Smith front squat - Complete 12 pulses on each leg immediately followed by 10 front squats. 4 sets of each.
  • Adductor x Abductor - Alternating between the seated adductor and abductor machines complete 4 sets of 20 reps on each machine - staying seated the whole time. If someone is one one of the machines and you can’t use both at the same time, complete all on one machine and then move to the next.


Complete as a circuit - 4 rounds
You’ll need to bring a mat to the decline bench.

  • 25 feet flat crunches
  • Decline bench weighted Russian twists- 12 reps double count
  • Decline bench sit-ups - 12 reps