Week 3

Week 3 - Day 2: Upper Body Day: Chest & Shoulders

Chest & Shoulders Day!


Your Choice
15 minutes before or after workout

  • Hex press x Push ups - On an incline bench, place the dumbbells just under your chest/ at your upper abdomen. Press them up and keep them touching the entire time. Complete 12 reps, then immediately do push ups on the back of the incline bench until failure. 4 sets of each. 

I’m using 7.5 lb weights and will try for 10 at the end, do what works for you. Going too heavy could make you lose form. We don’t need much weight here, just a nice even burn.

  • Upright row x Shoulder press-  Hold a straight bar with an overhand grip in front of you. Drive your elbows up,  tuck your elbows under then press the bar up above your head. Return to starting position = 1 rep.  4 sets of 10 reps - no resting here!

I’m using anything between 18 and 25 lbs here. Do what works for you! It should be a smooth transitioning motion and if you have any trouble, move down in weight.
You’ll add more as you get stronger - just get it done.


  • Cable cross pull - Set the middle cable towers to the highest setting and do not attach handles. Grab left cable in right hand and right cable in left hand. Stand in the center and get a good stretch across your chest at the top. Keeping core tight throughout the whole motion, pull both cables across your body in an “X”, ending with arms fully extended at your sides.  You should feel this in your upper chest and shoulders. Complete 10 reps then uncross them and rest for 10 seconds. 4 sets of 10.

I’m doing this at 20-25 lbs on each side, but do what works best for you. Your first set may need to be without weight so you can get the hang of the motion. 


  • Side raise x Shrugs - Complete 10 dumbbell side raises immediately followed by 10 dumbbell shrugs. 4 sets of each.

I’m using 10-15 lbs here, but do what works best.


Complete as a circuit.
Rest AFTER each completed round, not between exercises!
You guessed it - 4 total rounds.

• Feet flat crunches- 10 reps

• Feet at 90° crunches- 10 reps

• Feet straight up crunches - 10 reps

• L Side crunches - 10 reps

• R Side crunches - 10 reps




Booty Day | 3

Booty Day


  • Cable kickbacks x Side kicks- Attach an ankle cuff to the cable set at the lowest setting. Bend over so your upper body is parallel with the floor (important for preventing lower back tightness), keep your hips neutral and do not twist or open up to the side. Kick back, squeeze your glute and repeat for 10 reps, then kick to the side for 10 reps in an abduction motion. Repeat on the opposite side. 4 sets of each, on each leg.
    I'm starting at 40 lbs. for the kickback and dropping to 20 for side kick, but do what is best for you. 
  • Deadlifts- Your choice between conventional or sumo, if you do not have a barbell you can do these on the smith machine. If your gym has bumper plates, use those to warm up so the bar is at a proper height from the floor. Bar over mid-foot. Push legs through the floor, keep the bar close to your body throughout the entire movement. Make sure your back is flat, not rounded! If it begins to round, it is too heavy. Focus on form here! Squeeze glutes at the top of the movement. 4 sets of 10 reps.  Keep the weight the same for the 1st two sets, then Increase weight by at least 5 lbs. between every set (Two 2.5 plates on each side is fine).
    I’m starting with 25 lbs on each side of the smith machine, but do what works best for you.
  • Side bench step-ups- Stand with a straight bar on your shoulders and a bench or box to your right. Pushing through your heels: step up with your right leg, come back down, do a quick tap with your left foot and go back up. Complete 10 reps on your right then repeat on your left. 4 sets on each leg. This is a quick & short movement. Don’t lock your knees.
    I’m starting with a 12 lb bar, but do what works best for you.
  • Cable rope pull-throughs - This is very similar to Deadlifts, but with more focus on the booty. Attach a rope to the cable set at the lowest setting. With your back to the rope, take about 3 steps away and bend completely at the waist and between your legs to grab the rope. Make sure you are far enough away that you have to make an effort to reach the ropes. With knees slightly bent to keep balance, push legs through the floor, pull the rope through your legs as you straighten up to full standing position.  Make sure your back is flat, not rounded! If it begins to round, it is too heavy. Focus on form and move slowly here! Two counts up...Two counts down. Squeeze glutes and keep core tight for the whole movement and release when you return to bent over position. Full motion is bending over to standing upright. Go heavy here - looking. 4 sets of 10 reps. Increase weight by at least 5 lbs. between every set.
    I’m starting at 50 lbs, but do what is best for you. 
  • Abductor - On the seated abductor machine, complete 5 sets of 20 reps. The first 10 reps will be sitting, then stand, increasing the weight 15-20 lbs and complete the second 10 reps.
    I’m starting sitting with 115 lbs and standing at 130. Because it is the last workout and the booty will already be burning, These numbers could decrease by about 10 lbs. But always try to push for more without hurting yourself!

Your Choice

Minimum 2 miles;
High incline & Intensity to burn that booty out.