Week 5 - Day 2: Upper Body Day: Back & Shoulders

Your Choice
2 miles

  • Wide grip pulldowns x Underhand stretchers- Complete 10 wide grip lat pull downs immediately followed by 10 underhand stretchers. 4 sets of each.
  • Single arm cable row x Close grip underhand row - Attach a single handle to your seated cable row. Press your elbow back and squeeze your lat. Complete 12 reps on each side then hold the handle with both hands and complete 12 more rows. 4 sets of each.
  • Cable cross pull x Cable holds- Set the cables to the highest setting and don’t attach any handles. Grab left cable in right hand and right cable in left hand. Get down on your knees and bring your elbows down. Get a good stretch at the top. Complete 10 reps then stand, uncross them and complete 10 cable holds- pause at the bottom of each rep for 3 seconds. 4 sets of each.
  • 6-Way Shoulder raise - Seated on the end of a bench, begin with a very light dumbbell in each hand down at your sides. Bring them straight out to your sides­ palms down the entire time. Keeping them raised, bring them straight out in front of you, then straight up over your head. Now reverse the movements, back down in front of you, out to your sides and back down at starting position. 6 total steps = 1 rep. 4 sets of 6-8 reps.
  • Seated dumbbell press x Seated front raise- With dumbbells in each hand,  complete 5 chest presses & 5 shoulder presses immediately followed by 10 front raises on each arm. 4 sets of each.
  • BONUS: Assisted Pull-ups - on an assisted pull-up machine, do as much as you can, but shoot for 4 sets of 5. 


Complete as a circuit.
Rest after each completed round, not between exercises!      
3 total rounds

Weighted leg raises- 10 reps

Weighted scissor kicks- 10 L side, 10 R side

Laying Up & Overs - 4 sets of 5
Sets 1&3 w/ knees bent;
2&4 straight legs