13 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride

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Day 13

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Temperature: High 71° / Low 51°


What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

Today was a Shopping Day - online shopping, outlet shopping, next-day shipping and free 2-day shipping - we did it all and are a little bit closer to our wedding day!


How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

I’m feeling better than yesterday, but the chilly weather was bothering my joints more than usual so I’ll put my pain at about a 2.5.

Workout Time & Duration?

This morning included a great total body workout at the gym with my future hubby...we were there for about an hour.


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

💖 Well, my dress fitting is being rescheduled and I can’t say that I’m surprised...

...disappointed? Yes! ...surprised? Nope! 

I have confidence that we’ll get my dress together in enough time and today I really wanted to spend time with Che to get his wardrobe for the wedding week together - so that's what I did.

💖 We kept putting our trip to Target to get the items for our welcome boxes, so instead of trying to get there next week I put the stuff in my Amazon.com and Walmart.com shopping carts and pulled the trigger! They’ll be here in 2 days (free shipping) and I’m now free to get everything else - thank you online shopping!

💖 I ordered my earrings that I found on Day 20 and got next day shipping to be safe.

💖 Ceremony

Che completed our questionnaire for Gabriela, our officiant so she could get to know us a little more - I'm assuming this will help her when speaking about us during the ceremony.

Che sent our DJ the final music playlist so that is officially checked off!

We also went over our ceremony program to pin down the order of events and decide on the readings that we want. We decided on one of our favorite songs and I put together the lyrics into a document to give to our friends as a part of our reading. We decided on the BEAUTIFUL SONG, "Our Love is Easy," by Melody Gardot

💖 I sent an email to Elizabeth, our coordinator at the resort to make arrangements to get our guests their welcome boxes when they get to their rooms...We’ll see what she says.


Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?


Loving Black Love Moment?

I went back and forth internally about going to the outlet with Che and decided to go with him instead of forcing a dress fitting this afternoon. I’m glad I made that decision because I think he needed me to be there with him while picking his outfits for the wedding week and he doesn't ask for much, so it was the least that I could do. This goes into our Quality Time folder too!

PLUS - it’s shopping!

What am I happy for?

I’m happy that Che and I were able to spend a full day alone together. It was nice and much needed.

What could I have done better?

I could have found the time to take this PINK ASS hair out of my head! I’m sick of saying this...hell, I’m sick of seeing it too!


What am I doing tomorrow?

Taking out this hair and

I’m getting my 2 pink veils designed tomorrow!

Nothing else matters!


13 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride