160 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride


Day 160

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Temperature: High 23° / Low 18°


What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

I don’t think I went outside today...Nope, I didn’t. And no I didn’t miss it either. After the amazing day I had yesterday, it was great to be able to just bask in my afterglow. A lot of smiling to myself and planning for the future happened today...Future as in this coming week and beyond!

How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

No problemos today…I smooth-sailed through the day on a cool 2, not as close to perfect as yesterday, but still great. Nothing but positive vibes today for the Homie Omi. Yes, I’ve been called that a few times in my life.


Workout Time & Duration?

I didn’t get to the gym to get my Arms Day in...I woke up late and the Steelers game started at 1 and the Y closes at 3 on Sundays, so that wasn’t happening today. This evening, I did however, take my ass to the gym in our building downstairs to get some cardio in. It was 30 mins, but hey...that’s something and I feel good about it!


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

I was busy basking all day, so thanks to Che, we watched some videos and the menu of our “Night on the Town” (the night before our wedding ceremony) restaurant that we’ve been going back and forth about. Everything looks great! Che sent them a message to see how we can customize our experience with our guests and he received a reply IMMEDIATELY! In Destination Wedding Land that is unheard of, so this is a great sign of what is to come. We dig the responsive! They are going to discuss our requests with the owners and get back to us with an answer.


Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?

I’m not sure that this counts as a comeback, but I have nothing here, and I do want to remember the feeling of reading a text from our friend (and wedding guest) that read three sweet words: We have passports!!!

This may be lost on some, but for us - it was an oh-so-sweet reminder that we have people in our lives who are not simply taking the steps to attend our destination wedding. No, they’re extending themselves to do something they’ve never done before (some facing fears of the unknown) and making plans and sacrifices to be able to share this momentous occasion that will be Our Destination Wedding. This is going to be so dope! Which brings me to today’s Loving Black Love Moment...

Loving Black Love Moment?

That means a lot to us and we know it is happening, but in the midst of our lives changing and all of the destination wedding planning that is swirling about... was nice to get that reminder and take a moment to get the fuzzies about it all.

We could not invite EVERYONE, and still aren’t 100% sure of who will definitely make it, but we had a special moment reflecting on it all today. The kind that you journal about!

What am I happy for?

All of the love and support that we have received since we’ve gotten engaged. We weren’t able to invite everyone to the actual wedding, and everyone may not be happy about it...but we have received loads of love and positive vibes from our loved ones throughout this whole process - invited, or not.  That is something to be happy for!

I’m also happy for the Steelers winning today. Damn, they play dangerously and give me a mini heart attack every week they're on the field...but that keeps things interesting (at least that’s what I’m going to say tonight)... And hey! We got the win!!!


What could I have done better?
I could have woke my ass up earlier to get my Arms Day in at the gym. Yes, yesterday was a wonderful day, but the reality is that if I’m going to reach my body goal, I need to take this more seriously. I was so excited about my progress this week and then I let the weather throw me off. I can’t have these bullshit excuses…

Nothing fabulous happens inside your comfort zone.
— Cara Alwill Leyba

What am I doing tomorrow?
Working my ass off in the gym and in the business, reaching out to Lea about the napkins and stalking my Macbook more...I’m sure of it. It can’t really take 1-2 weeks...can it?