185 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride

DAY 185

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Temperature: High 48° / Low 38°


What Kind  of Day Did I Have & Why?
Quality! I woke up to bad news and Che was off work today. Today was a  day with plenty of quality time! 


How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

No complaints! I'd give pain a 4 today. Nothing especially impactful. 

Workout Time & Duration?

I was able to drag myself into the gym tonight... and I put real emphasis on DRAG! I only spent about 1 hour in there, but every workout counts. That's what I'm telling myself!


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

Two today!

Napkins are serious business... 

Napkins are serious business... 

  1. I got a reply from Joyce about the napkins and she even provided a diagram which is very helpful. It looks like they will be 18"x18". To think: I'd be done with this had I asked her in the first place! I'll send the reply to the napkin ladies this weekend once the holiday is over. Smh...
  2. I received an invoice from Bridals by Lori for $15, but it didn't have a description for the charge. Obviously, I'm not paying this without explanation so I sent an inquiry email to Flo and Annette (the shipping lady). We will see what they say!


Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?
Nope. Too busy prepping Thanksgiving dinner to let anything squeeze in today. 

Loving Black Love Moment?

Knowing that I was going to be a chef on the next day, Che took me to one of my favorite restaurants for Tacos, appropriately named Tako (which means Octopus in Japanese...that's a random fact, I know). We ended up having Tako Tacos ad margaritas at the bar on the night before Thanksgiving. Although it may not have been the most responsible thing to do since I had a lot to cook, it was a sweet and spontaneous idea. Plus, we stayed up together and prepped enough to not be in a complete hole for Thanksgiving. It all worked out!

What am I happy for?


Today a special friend lost her battle with Cancer. She was an amazingly sweet and generous individual and will be dearly missed.

I am happy for the opportunity to be able to try every day to be a better woman than the day before. 


What could I have done better?
I checked my personal work emails more than any other day since I left the company. I used to chek my actual work emails, but now that I no longer have that, I checked the personal work emails instead...I need to let that part of my life go. 


What am I doing tomorrow?

It's all about Turkey Day Baby!!!