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Day 4

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I’m changing this format because there’s no way I can keep up with the organized Journal Entries from Day 200 to Day 5.

Shit is real...wonderful

and I’m gonna wing it from now on!

Days 4, 3, 2, and 1 will be however I damn well please...

Let’s go!

Pittsburgh - High 74° / Low 50°
Playa del Carmen, Mexico High 90° / Low 79°

What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

Oooh shit...it’s happening! It’s really happening! We made it to Mexico and it’s time to put the master plan into action! Nos vamos a casar!


On the way to the resort, we asked our driver how to say We’re getting married in Spanish…

Nos vamos a casar!

We’ve been saying it all day and plan to keep on too! The resort staff members are amazing and it always tickles them to see us try to speak a lil' Español!


💖 My wonderful fiancé decided to reserve a car service for our trip to the airport since our flight was so friggin’ early and we had a zillion suitcases and bags and...and hey - we’re getting married! It was an awesome start to our trip!

💖 This man has been telling everyone we come in contact with that we were getting married - and I'm loving every second of it!

💖 We jetted to the airport, slapped on FRAGILE stickers and checked our bags, breezed through security clearance and then hit our first and only obstacle - an asshole gate attendant that wouldn’t let us take our carry-on suitcases, backpacks and garment bags on the plane!
Although it made sense to us because we had a suitcase for our overhead bin, a backpack to go under the seat, and a garment bag for their little (and I mean little) closet space...

...no dice - He really wouldn’t let us do it - first-class mattered not -
there was no special treatment from this dude...

So as I held back my tears and Che held back our rage, we made our adjustments (which involved removing our valuables and taking deep breaths instead of making a pointless scene) and checked our carry-on bags.  

We found our seats and Che assured me that everything would be okay, so we just had to let it go... the asshole gate attendant came to our seats and told us that we could track our bags on the Delta.com app so that helped a little (okay a lot), although he could have just given us a pass. Anyway...Our flight attendants for the rest of the trip more than made up for that jerk, and our bags made it safely, so it all worked out.

💖 We arrived at Cancun International Airport with a mimosa buzz and well rested from our plane naps - I packed all damn night so I GOT my sleep! We were greeted with alternating power outages, which were apparently uncommon, so I feel special - thanks Cancun power!!!

💖We gathered our luggage (bags tattered, but nothing broken), breezed through customs, hopped into our private transportation, popped open a bottle of bubbly and headed to our resort - Secrets Maroma Beach!

💖 At check-in and were greeted with MORE champagne, enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL WEATHER, had lunch and were whisked off to our rooms where we were greeted with a sweet treat, MORE CHAMPAGNE (a gift from Che’s sweet boss) and changed clothes to hit the beach and get a little relaxation!

You can't get this with a "traditional" wedding at home! 

This is EVERYTHING! We came here about 4 years ago for my birthday vacation AND NOW we’re back getting married and it feels fucking amazing!!! We can’t wait for our guests to get here so we can see some more smiling brown faces!

💖Officially drunk and sleepy, we returned to our room and I wanted to pull out our place cards and organize everything to give to our planner, Joyce tomorrow so that’s what I did.

And we’re missing a place card!

All that I could think was that one of our guests is gonna have NO place card...

"...don’t hyperventilate Omi...deep breaths...deeep breeeathsss...innnn ouuutttt...woo saa...”  

I was so distracted by the drama about our missing guest bottles sign last week, that I must’ve miscounted the place cards and now we’re in Mexico and there’s NOTHING I can do about it!

Che tried to console me, but I held back tears, went out on the patio and as I watched the waves roll in and out, I let those tears out into the breezes of Mexico - and fell asleep.  

After what felt like hours, but was really 45 minutes, I woke up, shook it off and told myself that Joyce would figure something out and I had a Desti weekend to enjoy.  

💖 We ordered unpacked and ordered room service and prepared for tomorrow which we know will be a long day.

Joyce is picking us up at 10, but we need to check in with our resort welcome event planner, Elizabeth beforehand to give her the welcome boxes for our guests that arrive tomorrow and eat breakfast somehow before all of that...so it’ll be an early morning.

What else do we have going on??? Let's see...🤔

Walmart, the liquor store, we see our venue - Blue Venado to go over all Desti wedding day details and have our food and drink tasting (can’t wait for this!), we also need to meet our photographers for our pre-wedding photo shoot, and we reserved a beach cabana for our stay here at the resort (and I made a big stink about my request for it to be the same cabana from our first trip here 4 years ago - like for real...I actually requested that another couple be moved to a different cabana!), so it’d be nice to enjoy that for a lil’ bit too!

Only happy tears from now on!

We're getting married in less than 4 days!

4 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride