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Day 3

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I’m changing this format because there’s no way I can keep up with the organized Journal Entries from Day 200 to Day 5.
Shit is real...wonderful
and I’m gonna wing it from now on!
Days 4, 3, 2, and 1 will be however I damn well please...
Let’s go!


Playa del Carmen, Mexico High 93° / Low 73°

What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

We heard the game ending buzzer today! All systems are GO! Our wedding festivities start tomorrow and we are ready for LIFT OFF!!!

Today 5 guests arrived and pretty much everyone else is coming tomorrow, but we want everyone to get their welcome boxes when they arrived, so we got dressed for the day and assembled 3 of the 18 total guest welcome boxes (1 box per room). The plan was to get them to Elizabeth, our Wedding Welcome Event Coordinator, so that she could make the delivery arrangements while we’re off planning our wedding and polishing the last few details with our planner, Joyce who would be picking us up at 10 am.

We were running late, and needed to buy shot glasses for those boxes (the rest of the shot glasses were coming from Walmart and would be cheaper - turns out A LOT cheaper) so that meant no time for breakfast.

No breakfast meant that Che had to calm me down a few times because  I was super jittery - between my hunger and anxiousness about our day, I was a bit of a mess...a happy mess, but still - a mess. So, we added our million-dollar shot glasses to their respective boxes and handed them off to the super sweet Elizabeth. First welcome boxes - DONE!

And then we waited for Joyce to pick us up… 10 o'clock turned into 10:15, which turned into 10:30 and my happy mess started to melt into something we won’t even mention…

Che called her number and we were told that she was on her way, so we waited..more. My mind started to wander to worries about this tardiness on our wedding day and Che eventually just sent me downstairs to the buffet to grab some food and get my shit together...And that’s what I did. I brought him back some bacon, we shared a mimosa and she came...an hour late, but whatever, right?


 We hopped in the car and were off...


💖 To downtown Playa del Carmen to the liquor store for our favorite Veuve Cliquot champagne,

💖 To Walmart for shot glasses -which were super cheap - The price we paid this morning for 6 shot glasses was the same price as our whole Walmart bill!


💖 To our AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS wedding venue Blue Venado to finally see it in person!

And it is Spectacular!!!


We love everything about it and although it is a blank space now, I can totally see our vision coming to life.


💜 We gave her our bag of decorations and details, explained that I figured out that we were missing a place card yesterday and she’ll take care of it -


💜 And the tasting...OMG! The chef was amazing and served us our full menu choices...The Cocktail hour canapes...Appetizer, Salad, our Steak and Chicken Entrees with the lobster...EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT! We changed NOTHING and I ate as much as I could and can’t wait to have it again.
Hey - who knows how much I’ll be able to eat on Saturday, so I may as well have enjoyed it today.

💜 And then our tour! 😍 We walked around the property as Joyce showed us where everything would be...bathrooms are here, ceremony will be here, aisle here, chairs there, lights here, sweetheart table there...plan B in case of rain there...all of that. And it’s all taken care of and we can’t wait!

We ventured back to the resort and as soon as we got there and said our goodbye to Joyce, my dad called. He and my stepmom arrived at the airport safely, but had no idea how to find his shuttle and get to the resort - yes there was a packet of information sent by Sarah last week - but he still needed help so I quickly put out that fire - I explained that he should go to his arranged shuttle company and they would have his name on a sign, made sure he didn't go off with some random taxi driver and sent him my confirmation packet in case the transportation company needed it and then we were on to the next thing.

We went back to our room to get all dolled up and ready to meet our photographers for pre-wedding photos back in the city...and that’s what we did - sort of.

We met them in Playa del Carmen but on our way, the weather started to turn...the wind picked up and the sky turned gray.

We both felt sorry for the couple getting married at the resort at this time.The staff was finishing up their pretty outdoor setup when we were leaving the resort and it wasn’t looking good...so we hoped for the best for them and made it to our destination.

The sky opened up as soon as we made it to the cafe and the plan was to take pictures walking through the city - and that wasn’t happening - so...we could only meet and discuss wedding day particulars (meeting time, specific shots we want, etc.).

And we LOVE their energy!

They took a few photos while were in a gelato shop - nope...bad lighting - so we just agreed on a Plan B session at our resort tomorrow - I wasted my outfit! Can I wear it again tomorrow?
Hmmm... nope! I need that Plan B outfit!

We headed back our resort for dinner and ended up meeting my dad and stepmom for a drink...which turned into sharing a couple drinks and hearing how great of a time they’re having (which feels fucking awesome!) and sharing old stories.

We still needed to put together the rest of our guest’s welcome boxes since they start rolling in tomorrow morning, so my dad & stepmom offered to help...and we accepted. We all went back to our room, put on some music, ordered room service and put those babies together in assembly line fashion! I’m sooo glad they came to help because it was a great bonding moment and felt great to get help from people who only wanted to help and support us with no strings or drama attached. And, we were exhausted and it would have taken us forever to get it all done.

💖 To top off our night, we went the resort’s club and danced for about an hour or so and kissed our family goodnight. We had to turn it in before we passed out in the middle of the dance floor - well Che would have passed out - I was in my Dancing Queen zone!

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But, I’m glad we came back at a decent hour because tomorrow the good times start rolling!  

Tomorrow we now have Pre-Wedding Photos Part 2 followed by our Meet + Greet by the pool around sunset!

Can’t wait to see everybody!


3 Days - Destination Wedding Countdown Journal - Black Destination Bride