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Day 60

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Temperature: High 60° / Low 49°


What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

I swear I had super powers today...it was the Best Tuesday Ever! What the hell else kind of day do you have when you’re getting married in 60 DAYS?


How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

I cared exactly 0% about my pain today, but if I must, for the sake of consistency, I’ll say my pain was at a 2. My wrists were the only thing that really bothered me.


Workout Time & Duration?

30 mins cardio was all that I could fit into my day, but that counts toward my daily workout vow.

Oh shit, vows...

I need to start working on those! Adding to list...


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

I had a lightbulb moment and I think I want to design and personalize for our welcome bags...do people keep those? And does it even matter? Anyway...I gotta check out YouTube for some tutorials to see how big of a task this may be. I might be doing too much!


Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?

Nothing old per se...but we did talk about the fact that since our 2-year engagement was kind of long and as a result, it is possible that our wedding guest list is a little different than what we would have if we would have sent our invitations out say...6 months ago. We’re happy with everyone of course, but I do wonder if we would have more guests or less.

It’s an interesting thought 

Loving Black Love Moment?

We had a great dinner complete with a bottle of Rose to toast to our 60-day mark! Great conversations about future plans and how our lives have come together and our friendship has grown from our childhood had me in the perfect mood...
Thereby, finalizing the stamp on the Best Tuesday Ever!

What am I happy for?

I’m happy that at this point in my life, I’m comfortable enough and brave enough to go through the trauma counseling that I’ve been going through with my therapist, Julie. Everyone has had trauma in their life (I think that’s safe to say), but everyone also handle it differently. I’m happy that I can go through this phase of counseling so that I can make my entrance into my new chapter of life as a healthy Wife. It’s not easy work, but I’m so happy that I’m in a place where I can (and want) to do it.


What could I have done better?

Not a damn thing!

What am I doing tomorrow?

Finding a way to make tomorrow better than today!