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Day 8

Friday, May 19, 2017

Temperature: High 83° / Low 65°


What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

I JUST REALIZED that we’re in the single digits of the countdown…the clock is ticking and it really feels like it.


Workout Time & Duration?

I was faked out yesterday, but for real for real...I got my hair done so my workout time was out the window. That’s my long way of saying - “no workout today.”

How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

Still feeling great, so yeah...I’m holding on to my 1! I am a little tired tho, can't lie.


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

💖 My dress fitting went awesomely! I picked up my 2 pink and newly cut veils and they’re perfect! My seamstress, Debbie, will work on the bustle and finish off a few details and I was supposed to pick it up today, but I won't panic...she says I can pick it up on Sunday morning.

We're sooooo close!

💖 I got my hair did - a HUGE Check off of my list and weight off my shoulders! I felt bad about my attitude because she was really sick yesterday. I’m happy she was able to get some rest and make me all cute & shit today.

💖 I returned to the store to buy the rest of the candles that were “In the back” yesterday and was told that they don’t have anymore and the inventory count was wrong! 

Sooo what the fuck am I supposed to do? Go find 6 more somewhere else!

I went to 3 more stores looking for candles around the 3 oz size to fit nicely in the box to no avail...but I’m not stressin’...YET!

My candle search led me to find cute little booklets for us to write our vows into and 20 bags of Skittles to fit into our welcome boxes - so hey, I’m making progress.  

💖 Since we got yesterday’s ridiculously last minute news about the lack of mini tequila bottles in Mexico (I’m still having a hard time wrapping my mind around this possibility) I went to the liquor store and bought 40 mini Patron Tequila bottles...and when I got home Che introduced me to the realization that we have nowhere near enough space in our bags so we’re more than likely gonna need another suitcase now. I say introduced because I’m not ready to accept that quite yet, so I’m gonna need to try a few things, but he’s pretty confident.  

💖 I emailed the lyrics to our wedding ceremony reading to our friends and also a link to the song so that they can get a feel for the reason we love it so much. This is gonna be so great! The ceremony has been officially taken care of! CHECK!

💖 My place cards and signs and menus all arrived this evening, but I'm opening the box tomorrow...I can't take too much more excitement today!

Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?

💖 To avoid anymore surprises that my heart can’t handle, I sent an email to our planner, Joyce to make sure that she made arrangements for our Veuve Cliquot champagne bottles that we requested - she hasn’t made arrangements, but is confident that we can get them in the liquor store and the supermarkets too - WHATEVER - I’m done stressing over it right now...fuck it...fingers and toes crossed and moving on the next thing.

Loving Black Love Moment?

Che has been watching how much I’ve been running around and took a moment to tell me that I need to slow down and try to relax.

He’s right - but I’m so close to the finish line.
He reminded me that I can’t forget that stress doesn’t do my body any good, so I need to try my best to stay healthy.
He’s always thinking about me more than I think of myself!

What am I happy for?

💜 I’m happy that we’ll technically have 2 anniversaries to celebrate...yesterday’s legal action and next week’s wedding ceremony. I’m all about reasons to pop a bottle...hell - I can go for a bottle of something right now! This time next week: margarita in my hand - no questions!

💜 Today was Che's last day at work and one of his co-workers gave us a great wedding gift! I'm always happy to receive pretty things from great people!  😊

What could I have done better?

Following up Che’s "calm the fuck down" notice...I could have taken a nap. It won’t happen anytime soon - but that would have been better.


What am I doing tomorrow?

I have back to back appointments for my nails in the morning and then we have our final pre-marital counseling session too!

And of course, I’m opening this

big ass box of
destination wedding magic!


8 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride