DestiGrooms: 3 Reasons You Should Consider BUYING Your Tuxedo for Your Destination Wedding

Photo beautifully captured by Erik Shenko of   S    henko Photography

Photo beautifully captured by Erik Shenko of Shenko Photography

Brides around the world can spend eons of personal, and not-so-personal time researching ways to find IT: The Perfect Wedding Gown. There are TV shows dedicated to the glorious and quite dramatic process of brides Finding the Dress; my two personal faves are Say Yes to the Dress (TLC), Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (TLC) and I Found the Gown (TLC).

But what about the fellas?

When it comes to searching for the tuxedo, suit or whatever the groom is wearing for HIS Big Day, most grooms are told to just rent it and forget it. Is this fair? I don’t think so. Why can’t the grooms have an experience and keepsake for themselves? Can’t grooms have that moment when they find IT and picture themselves in the quintessential outfit to marry their dream woman to live happily ever after? If you’re not so sure, consider these 3 reasons why I think a Desti Groom should consider BUYING--instead of RENTING--their Destination Wedding Duds.

Photo beautifully captured by Stanley Babb of  Stanlo Photography

Photo beautifully captured by Stanley Babb of Stanlo Photography

Future use and memories

I know a lot of men tend to lean more toward practicality when making shopping decisions, so I’ll start here in hopes of keeping your interest. Check this one out:

You get to keep it and wear it again, and again, and again

Now don’t fall out of your chair on this one because I know it’s a doozy. This is what we call a one time purchase. It may cost more in the immediate future (and it really doesn’t have to), but think about the long-term value. Have a formal event to attend? You’re already black-tie ready! Need something to wear for a special occasion? We already know your wife will undoubtedly purchase some new threads, but guess what - no fuss for’re all set! If you want to jazz it up, change an accessory, or mix up a few pieces, you certainly can...but, that’s only if you want to do so.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, don’t worry! There’s more. Let’s keep it moving...


Perfect fit, fabric & color customization for your destination venue

Destination wedding clothing considerations will without question include the weather, so why not pick any material and cut combinations that your Desti Groom heart desires? When it comes to themes, destination wedding couples can come up with all types of new names and Beach Formal and Mountain Chic (yes, this a real thing). So, rather than picking out one cookie cutter rental, make up your own thing and have some fun with it! And instead of settling and picking through a limited selection of colors that are available within your rental window, open up your options!

And we all know that there is nothing like a custom tailored groom. Nothing.



Yes, it is true that some rental companies are upping the ante by increasing the style selections and not stuffing grooms in a boxy something like the old days. But the reality is that they can only do so much and it still will not be a perfect can’t be a perfect fit because the last and next dozens of other grooms must fit into it as well.


No worries about return times

So you have the wedding of your dreams and marry your dream woman in your dream location and you just want to bask in the afterglow for the next few days...But you can’t. Why?

Because you have to make sure that you get your rented outfit back to the rental company before they charge you a HUGE penalty. Now, who wants to go through that? The bulk of wedding tuxedo and wedding rental companies don’t allow you to extend your time to return, which is not very Desti Groom friendly. I could go so far as to call them Anti-Desti Groom, but I won’t take it there.  

Whatever you buy, the outfit you choose for your destination is YOURS. No one else has worn it before. And no one else will need to wear it after - unless you loan it out. Just get married and relax.


So Desti Grooms: Take this time to get EXTRA fly...Desti Brides get all done up, why can’t you too?

There’s plenty of information about renting, but what about buying?

Want to know where to start on your Destination Groom Shopping Journey?

Here are 3 places we actually explored/visited and liked:


The Capstone Tuxedo
Black-tie? Own it. Weddings, charity balls, international espionage—when you need to look your absolute best, The Capstone Tuxedo is ready and waiting.
- © Bonobos

Bonobos Foundation Chambray Suit
Classic construction, the perfect fit, and beautiful details—if you only get one suit, make it the Foundation. Your go-to suit in breathable cotton for warmer weather.
- © Bonobos

Fall/Winter Suiting
The temperatures have dropped, your sense of style shouldn't. Suit up in classic, perfectly tailored looks in heavier, world-class fabrics and seasonal patterns.
- © Bonobos


Custom Tuxedo in Midnight Blue
Looking for a dapper, mysterious substitute for the classic black tuxedo?...It's just as formal as its solid black counterparts but just different enough where you'll draw frequent, surreptitious glances of admiration. 
- © Black Lapel

Black Custom Tuxedo with Peak Lapel
The gold standard in formalwear, a black tuxedo with peak lapels is as classic as they come...They’re great for weddings but don’t keep this one locked away as solely a wedding tux.
- © Black Lapel

Light Blue Gray Sharkskin Suit
Looking for the perfect combination of blue and gray suit? This gray sharkskin suit incorporates just enough blue to make you look like you’ve got ice in your veins. In a word: cool.
- © Black Lapel


 Off White Plain Verona Tuxedo
Stand out in stylish elegance at your next upscale event in this vivid off-white Verona tuxedo. Tailored to a slim fit from pure S120's wool by E.Thomas, it's constructed with a half canvas, and comes accompanied by silk-trimmed flat front trousers
- © Suitsupply

Brown Plain Dinner Jacket
Bring upscale style and elegance to any refined occasion with this brown Verona jacket. Tailored slim from pure Redaelli cotton, it features half-canvas construction and a softly textured velvet finish.
- © Suitsupply

Havana Blue Herringbone
Half-lined for a lighter wear and more natural drape, this handsome blue Havana is a go-to for just about any laid-back occasion. Cut from pure linen by Baird McNutt, this fresh 2-button fit features a notched lapel, naturals shoulder and patch pockets—all in a subtle herringbone weave.
- © Suitsupply


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