#SexiDesti: 9 Women-Owned Swimwear Lines Perfect for a Destination Bride

What Desti
Doesn't Love a Sexi Swimsuit?

These 9 amazing #GirlPower Screaming Swimwear Designers made the TOP of my Destination Wedding Wish List!
These Ladies know EXACTLY what they're doing! 
Check out my fun and flirty faves currently on their website below.  
Click on their links for more delicious designs because this is only a snapshot of what they have to offer a Desttination Wedding Bride for her special day...or weekend...or week. They have what you need, guaranteed!

Be forewarned: They'll have you in the gym sweatin' for your destination!
Consider this your Sweatin' for the Destination Weddin' Plan motivation


For Love & Lemons

IG: @forloveandlemons


For Love & Lemons is the uber-sexy, lacy and fun brainchild of super cute BFF's Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall. Born in Jackson, WY and raised in Los Angeles, this posh brand has manifested into a lifestyle that demands instant recognition with its custom made lace and embroidery perfectly placed on each design. Many imposters have popped up based on the original designs of L+L, but they can’t quite get it right. I guess, that’s why their imposters, huh? All I know is that this dynamic duo has without a doubt constructed a steadfast and complete collection of sexiness including awe-inspiring dresses and lingerie to add to your entire closet, but these swimsuits, tho?!? What Desti doesn’t want lacy embroidery peekaboo pieces in her life?



IG: @mintswimusa


From behind the curtain of the titillating essence and senses of DrayaMichele enters a swimwear line that I am in love with...Mint-Swim. The trendy and social media popular company owner, Draya, known by many from the TV show Basketball Wives has a knack for sexy swimwear and boasts that her designs are “ideal for the everyday woman, who may possess the confidence to dare to bare, but still remains classy and demure in demeanor”...does this hit our Desti checklist? Hmmm… let me see...CHECK, CHECK and CHECK! She has even expanded to include children and plus-sizes as well! Are these suits sexy? Yes! Do they “give away just enough, but not too much”? Yes! And will they have you in the gym working it out a little extra? Hell yes! But what’s wrong with that? Thanks Draya for the extra Desti motivation!



IG: @indahclohing


“Indah is....For women who want to sing their own song. leaving men wanting”. Drooling over these designs and exploring the complete collection will only confirm this illustration on the About page on Indah’s website. Libby De Santis, the owner and sole designer of Indah has no choice but to be inspired by her life in Bali and lays it all out there for us with this line.Take one swipe through the Instagram page on any given day and you’d think that these sexy swimsuits are only worn by models and surfers alike, but I like to think that once you put one on, you immediately look like a surfer-model chick! These pieces are NOT for the faint of heart and cannot be confused as being forgiving...but neither is a Desti while planning her destination wedding, so why start now?


Beach Riot



Newport Beach’s Nicole Hanriot is about to have a Desti Riot on her hands for sure. As the founder and designer of the beach-and-body-conscious swimwear line, Beach Riot, Nicole ensures that I can’t help but fall in love with every click on her website. Affordability and sexability is no problem for a Desti in need of a piece (or a few pieces) that will exude a globetrotter persona with every wear. And what better describes a Desti anyway? I foresee melees and mayhem in the future for Beach Riot...And I like it! I am also happy to report that Beach Riot has a BRIDE and BABES collection that is launching early 2017! Hopefully in time for my destination wedding...Fingers and toes crossed!


Lee + Lani    

IG: @leeandlani


Former swimwear models Lee (Lisa Marie Pascuccio) and Lani (Alana Ault) met while in fashion school and birthed a swimwear line designed to make you BRING IT. Their experiences while traveling and modeling different suits inspired them to collaborate and bring to life the richly colorful, fearless cuts and authentic uniqueness of the ballsy swimwear line known as Lee + Lani. If you want to make your partner drool and all the basic bitches shift into super-hater mode - L+L is just what you need. And what Desti doesn’t want to be the center of attention? You go and search for an answer...I’ll wait.


Bandits Swimwear

IG: @banditsswimwear


Dubbing herself the Original Bikini Bandit, Potomac, Maryland’s own, Stephanie Meni brought to our lives this sultry, comfortable in your skin swimwear sensation. She ensures that each piece retains a low maintenance vibe and that is right up the alley of a destination wedding bride. Of course, the sexy persona is established; but to ensure maximum comfort, she even goes so far as to separate pieces into 3 suggested “Activity Levels”: "Lay low and slay", "Light frolicking and general fun encouraged" and "Find an ocean, a mountain, an airplane, whatever!". Now we will never have to wonder where something should be worn...You just get to wear it and look amazing while doing so!  Bandits’ Our Story Page phrases it perfectly: “...go get sandy, get salty, and then take your pieces off the beach and into your life... After all, life's too short not to frolic in bikinis…” Spoken like a true Desti!


Mara Hoffman

IG: @marahoffman


Femininity and Simplicity are the first words that come to mind whenever I come across anything Mara Hoffman, the self-named lifestyle brand. In the game for over 15 years (at this time of publication), this line is here to stay and for good reason. She truly makes something for everyone and the intricate cuts and opulent colors are sure to turn heads and cause an outpour or compliments to stream in your direction. Simplicity and sustainability are forefront for Mara and sometimes a Desti doesn’t need all the hoopla...sometimes a destination bride just wants to BE.


Hot As Hell

IG: @we_are_hah


Global fashion visionary and HAH’s founder and owner, Sharleen Ernster created a swimwear line that is a no-brainer when you want to find a simple, unstructured, eco-friendly swimsuit that will indeed make you look Hot As Hell. I couldn’t name it better myself, if I wanted to...And I don’t. Each of HAH’s designs ensure that a destination wedding bride will always be responsibly slaying whether she has the desire to show it all off in a strappy and/or high-cut number, or fancies the idea of lounging around and covering her sexybits in a cute ass coverup. As a brand new brand, I’m looking forward to seeing HAH grow and continue to make sure that Destis like us can have swimwear that she can live her life in, and that never go out of style, just like her.


Beach Bunny Swimwear

IG: @beachbunnyswimwear


Former swimwear model, Angela Chittenden knows EXACTLY what she is doing. A mother of 2 daughters and 4 step-daughters, #GirlPower is a lifestyle for her. And you know what else is a life she knows all too well? Sexy swimwear life - I told you that she was a former swimwear model. And it shows in every piece that she puts out there for us. Now, Beach Bunny has a sweet spot in my heart because I bought one for my 30th birthday vacation, which so happened to be the same weekend that I got engaged...It is only natural that it be on the list since I am now a destination bride AND I mean, really? Look at these swimsuits!


Be sure to check out the complete collections of each of these LadySwimwearPowerhouses and follow them on IG to keep yourself motivated for your destination!
I know I am!


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