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Day 1

Friday, May 26, 2017


I’m changing this format because there’s no way I can keep up with the organized Journal Entries from Day 200 to Day 5.
Shit is real...wonderful
And I’m gonna wing it from now on!
Days 4, 3, 2, and 1 will be however I damn well please...
Let’s go!

Playa del Carmen, Mexico High 90° / Low 79°

What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

Today is the last day that I can say that I’m an ENGAGED woman!
Tomorrow we will be Mr. and Mrs. Allen!!!
We celebrated with our people and it feels so f*cking good!

Much like yesterday - only with a much less dramatic morning, we hit our beach cabana and had a great time with our guests and drank ate and swam to our heart’s content!


I had to leave early because I had shit to do.

Back to our room I went...to pack up my wedding day bags, shower and meet Ivory and my best friend who were so gracious as to help me check in to my bridal suite.  My bridal suite is in town and closer to our wedding venue, Blue Venado, so we had a drink or 2 while we waited for our cab, hit traffic and I got checked in!

Black Destination Bride - BlackDesti Wedding Countdown Journal - Bridefriends Podcast - 1 Playa del Carmen Mexico - El Taj Bridal Suite Check in2.jpg

This condo is so perfect - 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms...jacuzzi on the patio with a pool and ocean view and most importantly - a perfect amount of space and lighting for us to to spread out and get me ready to be MARRIED tomorrow!

I freed my gorgeous gown from it’s Ziploc bag prison - and it’s SUPER wrinkled - but still beautiful!

Hey girlie...Can’t wait to put you on tomorrow!

(is what I whispered to my dress while hanging it up - don’t judge me!)

We were running late, so Ivory did my makeup in the same place that she will do it tomorrow (which gave me a funny anxious feeling 😍) and we rushed back to the resort so that we all could get ready. If I was thinking, we could have just brought our clothes with us to my bridal suite and met everyone at the restaurant since it was super close to my suite - like a couple BLOCKS away - but I wasn’t.  So we rushed!

We arrived at the resort...late...and our shuttles were outside waiting to take everyone to the restaurant...so I introduced myself as the Bride, profusely apologized for my tardiness and assured them that I wouldn’t be too long.

Our guests were in the lobby dressed all in white as we requested - and looking DAMN good - so  I apologized even more as I jogged through the lobby and then once I got outside...

I kicked off my sandals and straight up RAN to the room!

The worst thing about having beachfront room is that it's far from the front lobby!

...woe is me...I know...

I made it to the room, gave more apologies to Che because at that point I was about 30 minutes late and he went to meet everyone back at lobby to meet the transportation team and start loading everyone into their shuttles. I threw on my super cute romper (thank goodness for pre-planned outfits) ran my ass back to lobby and Ivory was in her shuttle...but the bestie wasn't there yet.

How am I the BRIDE and so much farther from the lobby, but made it back before her - that I don’t know...but what can I do?

...deep breaths...

Che called her, and by this point I’m sweating my face off AGAIN (I refuse to run on my wedding day - I SWEAR!) so I get in air-conditioned shuttle with my family who are irritated by the tardiness and decided that it was a good idea to talk shit about it TO ME…


Black people...always late...Where is your friend?
Why black people always gotta be late? How far is this place we’re going? Black people…🙄

I tried to ignore them but it got ridiculous and they obviously had no plans of shutting the fuck up,
so I got fed up had to tell them to STOP...

"...I get it, but just...STOP!"

There was total silence, but the energy was smothering me in that shuttle and I wanted nothing more than to just get out of my seat, open the door and find someone else to sit in there. Someone else that was willing to talk shit and complain about my tardiness on the way to the dinner that WE were hosting for THEM to celebrate OUR WEDDING...TOMORROW!

And as I weighed the pros and cons of doing that very thing, Che opened the door and hopped in beside me.
There went that idea...and just like that, Che gave up on waiting and left the last shuttle to catch up when my late-ass friend decided to get there. Our shuttle drove off and the next thing I know, I'm crying on the way to my damn event!

My “only happy tears” promise to myself was broken, but I couldn’t take it...crying needed to happen.

I got it all out,
cleaned up my face
AND attitude and it was time for our Night on the Town
to begin!

We hadn’t actually seen our  dinner space - only pictures so we knew that it was on a beautiful rooftop, but we really didn’t know EXACTLY WHAT to expect and boy were we surprised! A few flights of stairs had everyone wondering what the hell we had planned, but once we hit that rooftop it was pre-wedding paradise!

The owners greeted us and were amazing! We had a pre-planned R&B playlist playing, the view was amazing, the entire space was beautiful and it was perfection! Everyone's phones were out to capture the moment and get those photo ops poppin' for FB and The 'Gram!

As the sun started to set and dinner was prepared, we enjoyed an amazing cocktail hour with a margarita and cocktail bar (great margaritas) and guacamole and salsa and chips station that I never got to enjoy, because...well...PHOTOS...

Photos! Photos! Photos!

My face hurt so much from smiling and taking pictures. It was great to capture the moment and see everyone enjoying themselves, but Che was off taking tequila shots and having conversations but people really wanted to take pictures with the Bride...it is truly flattering and I was happy to do it and enjoyed the experience, but boy I was happy that we had such a smaller group.
I get it now and this was great practice for tomorrow, that’s for sure!


We headed up a few more stairs to our dinner setup and enjoyed a delicious authentic Mexican dinner complete with fresh night air, speeches and kind words from our guests. We decided that we didn’t want to have any speeches tomorrow, just an intimate ceremony followed by a bomb ass party, so we had them tonight instead. And it was awesome!

After dinner, we hit the streets of Playa del Carmen and walked until we found a lounge that looked like a great place to keep the party going and found a hookah lounge that played our preferred music for the rest of the night!

People hookahed!

(Is that a word? I don’t think so - who am I kidding? I know it isn’t.)

People drank!!

But more than anything else,

People danced!!!

We danced in the streets of Playa del Carmen, Mexico and had complete strangers join in and start partying along with us - even another bachelorette! And it was fucking great!

It was getting late and I have my Big Day...make that GIGANTIC DAY tomorrow, so my friends walked me back to my bridal suite. We had to diffuse some drama and I had to institute a Bridefriend Plan B (no bullshit allowed on the night before my wedding) and to bed I go!


My entire day will be dedicated to becoming Mrs. Douglas Che Allen!

Nothing else matters in my world!

1 Day - Destination Wedding Countdown Journal - Black Destination Bride