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Day 2

Thursday, May 25, 2017


I’m changing this format because there’s no way I can keep up with the organized Journal Entries from Day 200 to Day 5.
Shit is real...wonderful
And I’m gonna wing it from now on!
Days 4, 3, 2, and 1 will be however I damn well please...

Let’s go!

Playa del Carmen, Mexico High 89° / Low 74°

What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

This day has been something else...a real rollercoaster!
Mini emergencies, REAL emergencies, smiles, laughs, sweat, tequila shots - we had it all!
2 more days!!!

I woke up to my Future HUSBAND  having a serious-sounding phone call, which he took out onto the patio.

My right eyebrow raised a bit...and I then rolled over in our plush bed, checked the time and our wedding email and what do I find? An email from one of our guests with the sad news that they had an accident which requires surgery - and won’t be able to make it to Mexico for our wedding. We’ve heard about being prepared for emergencies and disappointments while planning a destination wedding, but damn! We feel so bad for her and could never think of ourselves at this time. At least she’s safe and going to get it taken care of - but she also paid for this trip and now what!?! We hope she bought trip insurance because that would come in handy right now. Che sent her a reply and we will check on her when we get back home.


Once we handled that, I asked him what was going on out on the patio and he had to break the news that my best friend was having flight problems and she called him so that I’m not stressed about it, so he’s trying to help her find a solution.

Double Damn! 

Well good morning then! Deep breaths…

I sent our planner, Joyce, the news so she is aware that we will definitely be missing 1 guest, and could possibly be missing another. And it turns out that our missing place card may not be a problem after all - it’s crazy how something so small as a missing place card 2 days ago seemed like a real problem.

I promised myself no more sad tears so the show must go on...

We started our day with a trip to the gym to get a lil’ workout in before we hit the beach and as we finished our workout, we ran into our friends!

Our FIRST wedding guests!

Well, we did hang out with my dad & stepmom yesterday, huh? Well, these are our first non-family wedding guests! And the first ones we saw today...they were looking all refreshed and vacation-y too! It felt great and we couldn’t wait to keep doing it for the rest of the day!  It’s like little treats hidden throughout the resort -  an Easter egg hunt of sorts!

Our awesome concierge (shout out to Fabiola) made arrangements for our guest’s welcome boxes to be picked up from our room and taken to our resort event planner, Elizabeth, before our meeting with her to look at the Meet + Greet area by the pool and make sure everything would be set up the way we wanted tonight - and it was!

We hit the beach and when we got to our cabana we saw more guests and the fun began! Drinks, laughs, food, swimming - all together! The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed the beach together! We’re so happy that we chose a destination wedding because THIS is EXACTLY how we pictured it when choosing our wedding destination!

We cut our beach fun a little short since we had to get back to business - we had shit to do! So, we told our guests that we’d see them at our Meet + Greet and headed to get ready for our Pre-Wedding photoshoot!

I detangled and washed my hair and as soon as I got out of the shower, Ivory - my cousin/makeup artist/Desti Glam Team arrived and it was time to get me gorgeous!!! I threw some leave in conditioner and 2 braids in my head and relaxed as I got all prettified!
I was running late and her flight to Mexico got delayed and our photographer was ON TIME, so we didn’t get to do airbrush makeup, but our plan B was foundation and she slayyyed!!! Since our Pre-Wedding photoshoot was moved from yesterday to today, Ivory made it all work and I’m sooo glad I decided to bring her for the weekend! My makeup was beautiful, I have ZERO concerns and totally trust her...

...AND I get to do it again for 2 more days!

While getting my makeup done, I checked our wedding email...

That damn wedding email inbox!
- I swear!

And...we had an email from Joyce telling us that we STILL didn't have anyone to hang our reception lights and Papel Picado so we need to pay and additional fucking $342 to have our luminaries vendor - Candle Boutique hang them for us.



We have 2 days until our wedding and we are STILL adding to the budget?!? And don't have a way to hang the lights that we paid for MONTHS AGO?!? What was the plan?
And what THE fuck is really going on and WHY are people fucking around with me like this right now?

It's not me - it's them!

Woooo Saaaa....

I told Che what was going on and he says fine - I mean what else can we do at this point?!? So we will give her the cash when we see her at our dinner tomorrow -


Ivory finished slaying my face and we went to take our Pre-Wedding Photos - Part 2!

We walked through the resort, ran through along the beach and put my makeup to the test! It was H.O.T.!

If it’s gonna be hot like this, Ivory definitely needs to do airbrush on my wedding day. At one point toward the end of our pics, Che was looking at my hairline with a confused and concerned look on his face. I asked what was happening and quickly started freaking out because he didn’t know how to tell me my makeup was running - which is fine - but I had to explain that these are professional cameras that catch everything so if I'm looking crazy...

😍 This is the only photo we have so far...and it's a  great  teaser! More to follow soon! 😍

😍 This is the only photo we have so far...and it's a great teaser! More to follow soon! 😍

...I need to know! Especially on Saturday!

But that’s what I get for running under the Mexican sun on the beach with a face full of makeup! I have no idea how those pics will turn out, but it was fun and if nothing else, it was a great practice run. So we’ll see...

We ended up running into some wedding guests while wrapping up our photo shoot and then I went straight to the bathroom to clean my face up and make myself presentable and we were off to our Meet + Greet Cocktail Hour!

It was great seeing everyone and watching everyone mix, mingle and share cocktails and laughs! We have friends who even had "Doug + Omi 2017" shirts made for US - how great is that?! This was the first time that it really hit me that all of these people really came to support us and celebrate our decision to become husband and wife!

And it feels awesome!!!

We've been here for 3 nights and STILL haven’t been to a restaurant at this resort! We had dinner in our room again and we already know that dinner will be off the resort for our events for the next 2 days, so maybe we will get a full meal after the wedding. This is nuts! But, on the bright-side: The room service chicken and steak fajitas are BOMB!

Che ended up on the phone with my best friend all damn day trying to get her flight situation taken care of and I knew they wanted to keep the stress away from me, but seeing him take on it instead of me was a hard pill to swallow. She ended up arriving late this evening so since she missed our Meet + Greet and went through THE MOST to get here - I took my tired ass to greet her, we hit the lobby bar for a little but and discussed my plans and needs for tomorrow.

And then...I brought my almost married ass back to our room to get some rest before another big day...not THE Big Day...but still - a BIG day!


I need to check into my bridal suite and get my dress and everything I need setup for Saturday and

We have our All-White Night on the Town Party at night!


2 Days - Destination Wedding Countdown Journal - Black Destination Bride