150 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride

Day 150

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Temperature: High 40° / Low 31°


What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?


So what kind of day did I have?
shit is getting real kind of day!

How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

I’m in A-1 condition today! I’ll put the pain at a 1. Either I was distracted by the enormity of the day, or I was painless...Either way, I’ll take the 1! Maybe it was my gift for the 150 Days!!!

Workout Time & Duration?
Just, no.
But the clock is ticking and the workout plan pressure is on! 


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

Other than thinking about and saying 1.2 million times that today is the 150-Day mark, I did NADA. The Blog Launch consumed my thoughts...but hey, since it is a destination wedding blog, does that count? Nope...Nope it doesn’t. I’m reaching...and I need to stop it.


Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?

I got nothing.

Loving Black Love Moment?

If I haven’t said it enough times today, I’ll say it AGAIN! TODAY MARKS 150 DAYS UNTIL MY WEDDING! I mean OUR WEDDING! And Che was his usual wonderful self even though I was a hot mess by the time he got home. Let’s just say that I was a bit frazzled by my blog launch day and he was able to smooth out all of my wrinkles and make me smile again. I would be a wrinkly mess without this man, I swear.

What am I happy for?

Getting the support and love that I needed to be confident enough to jump out into the world and share my thoughts, feelings and knowledge through this blog. I’m really happy about how everything is going and can’t wait to see where I am this time next year!

Well, I’ll be married...That part I know!


What could I have done better?

I felt some apprehension about my official blog launch today, and I do understand that is normal, but I could have used less of that. I was so busy with the blog launch and SAYING that today marks 150 days, that I didn’t really celebrate with my man...

Hell, I even forgot to chill my celebratory bottle of Rose! What kind of shit is that?!? I'm on some bull...
Today was definitely a bubbly kind of day! 


What am I doing tomorrow?

Getting my nails did and checking in on my wedding band! And my MacBook arrives tomorrow!!!

Come onnn tomorrow!