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BlackDestinationWeddingBride - 149

Day 149

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Temperature: High 39° / Low 30°
It is cold today...Is this really what the New Year is gonna do?


What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

Not too bad! I wasn’t as productive as yesterday or the day before, but I did get some things done. And the delivery of my Macbook made it alllllright. Temperatures steadily dropped and there were snow flurries throughout the whole damn day...I don’t think my body was ready for it. On the bright side, I did get my nails done and I’m still feeling celebratory...and it shows…

BlackDestinationWeddingBride - 149.1

How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

I had a few randomly achy moments today and it’s getting cold again, so I know that means I need to get my ass back on my healthy diet and usual fitness routine to stay in Lupus' good graces. Overall, I’ll give my pain a 4.5 today and I’m not interested in going any higher than that.

My nail appointment had me in a happy place for the time that I was in there and I started thinking...Why can’t I have my own glam squad/pampering team? The world isn’t fair!


Workout Time & Duration?

I was just about to say nothing and be fully ashamed of myself, but I remembered that I did have an abs  mini-workout early this morning -- thanks to Che. Now I’m only partially ashamed! I’ll be back tomorrow for sure!


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

I started working on a music playlist spreadsheet for Che and I’ll be finished with it tomorrow. Once completed, he will be able to add our custom playlist for the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and whatever other element we can add music to and be ready to boogie at all times.  He’ll be excited when he gets that, and so will I.

Happy almost hubby, happy life...or something like that.

I didn’t forget about my ring either, I just knew I didn’t have enough time to dedicate to really looking at it, so I’m going tomorrow!


Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?

It isn’t exactly old, but I spoke to Linda (my nail lady) more about how I want my nails. I’m still feeling as foily as our initial conversation on  Day 179, but may need to keep looking. I don’t want my hands to be too busy and distracting... I can already tell that I'm gonna have to do some nails trials.

Loving Black Love Moment?

Today, I had a couple of conversations with Che about our New Year’s Eve plans and I really am having a hard time deciding on what I want to do. A part of me wants to go out and dance and celebrate...I mean, it IS our last NYE before we get married...but the other half wants to just lay low and be all lovey dovey. I think all the time we spent together for Christmas has me spoiled...and then suddenly it hit me...I have the delightful dilemma of figuring out how and where I want to celebrate with my love. Not a bad realization at all!

What am I happy for?

Being late all the damn time, because it worked in my favor today! I was all excited and appreciative of UPS for keeping me updated about my MacBook delivery and going so far as to let me know a window of time for delivery...4:45pm-7pm… Well, since I’m always late, I didn’t leave the house until 10:45am for my 11am appointment at the nail shop which is about 30 minutes away! I was fully expecting UPS to stick to that time, but as soon as I opened the door I was greeted by the UPS man with a cute MacBook box in his hand...6 HOURS EARLY!
Thanks to my tardiness, I didn’t miss my delivery!

So much for being “on time”...
“On time” is for the birds


What could I have done better?

Oh, I don’t know...maybe actually taking my ass to the gym would have been better. Yup. Coulda shoulda done that one today!

What am I doing tomorrow?
#GymLife will be back in effect and I’m running to the jewelers to see my wedding band too. Maybe I’ll go before the gym...that’ll be great motivation. I always do a little extra when the wedding is fresh on my mind.