198 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride

Day 198

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Temperature: High 60° / Low 45°

How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?A little achy, but not as bad as yesterday. I planned on resting today since it was my day off, but my days off hardly ever go as planned nowadays. I packed way too much into it, but I did get my 30 minutes of chill time in.

Workout Time & Duration?
I started around 6:45pm and it lasted about 1½ hours, but that is because my new workout buddy is entirely too fun and interesting so we chat, and by chat I mean I run my mouth while she counts our reps and keep us on track as we make it through Day 3: Back Day together. Shout out to Alecia! You guys will meet her soon enough, don’t you worry.


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:
I talked the shit and emailed the hell outta the Bridals by Lori team about yesterday’s fabric fiasco. The phrases “freaking out” and “or what” as in I don’t know if ya’ll ordered the wrong dress or what were used. But I kept it respectful. They should call me back...They better call me back.

Loving Black Love Moment?
Che was having lunch with some coworkers at a restaurant in the same area that I had my farewell lunch, so I stopped by to say hello. Although I was mildly interrupting (it was the end of the lunch), he took the time to walk me out and give me a little one-on-one time to ask me about my day and the plans for the rest of it. This may seem little to some, but for me it is huge. Of the Five Love Languages, my dominant is Quality Time and this checks the hell outta that box. If you haven’t read the book The Five Love Languages, I highly recommend it - good stuff. It'll be in my Resources tab (which is on my Coming Soon list).


Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?

Why, yes one actually did. I called my favorite Jeweler, Melanie at Goldstock Jewelers, to see if I could buy some new jewelry cleaner and ask some questions about the wedding band that I fell in love with about a month ago. During that call, she was so kind as to let me know that Goldstock having the biggest sale with the largest discount in Goldstock history - this weekend and next weekend only. 20% off everything in the store, with the exception of loose diamonds! Ummm, can I say that this is amazing? Because let me make this clear, this is AMAZING! So amazing that I hurried my ass there to try on my dream ring again and get the customization quote process rolling. I should hear back soon, but I wasn’t expecting to be trying on and customizing my potential wedding ring in the jewelry store when I woke up this morning. But that’s how it goes, and this is why I’m gonna love this journaling process. Something new every day!


What am I happy for?


  1. Simon G. and his wonderful illuminating box. I’m living for this box by the way. L.I.V.I.N.G. I had to share with Melanie how awesome it really is… Every time I open it, it is a reminder of our engagement. Popping it open says, “hello beautiful, you’re engaged”. Damn I love this box! I love my ring especially, but how many brides have a love affair with their box? That’s what I’d like to know.

  2. Snuggle time

  3. This surprisingly popped into my mind: My soon to be former coworkers. I told them I’ll miss them and I really did mean it. I learned a lot at my company and was given the opportunity to grow so very much.






What could I have done better?
Time management
Really unplugging and enjoy my days off. I haven’t done that in a while and I miss it.

What am I doing tomorrow?
Because I got caught up with the fabric fiasco of day 200 and then I about-faced to the jewelry store (damn this is sounding like a pitiful excuse), a necessary casualty to my to-do list was sending these damn napkin emails. I’m really gonna send those out this weekend. I’ll actually have time while we’re on the way to DC to see family. It is a four-hour drive, so I shouldn’t have any real excuse.

Sleepytime was before 1.  
Not bad considering the fact that tomorrow is my last vacation day