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Day 34

Destilorette Weekend!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Temperature: Atlanta’s weather was perfect!
There was no rain until it was time to leave - can’t ask for more!

I had an amazing weekend! This was definitely an unforgettable weekend and I’m so appreciative of all of the love and support that surrounded us and I hope everyone else enjoyed themselves as much as I did - or at least close!

I decided that the best way to share and keep track of this weekend is through lists. I took notes throughout the weekend and I’m pretty proud of what I could remember.

Sooo much happened and so much liquor was consumed, that this is my best option…

Here goes:


Good morning...Oops!

Sooo yeah… I woke up without a hangover (which is a fucking miracle, by the way)... but, I did realize that I needed to apologize to Che for not paying enough attention or being in the moment when we got together at the end of the night. The weeks leading up to this weekend I kept hoping that HE wouldn’t get too drunk because I wanted to enjoy my time with him at the strip club like the old days when he would visit me in Atlanta...and I was the one who fucked it up. I can’t help but be really upset that the moment that we looked so forward to was missed. I got drunk and was distracted. Turns out - he stopped drinking after dinner...me - not so much

This was a good practice run for us to remember to keep our attention on the two of us for the wedding weekend. This weekend, We BOTH were worried about everyone and everything else and we won’t be doing that in Mexico.



I FINALLY got to reveal the surprise honeymoon to Che! After all these months, the secret is out...

We’re going to Jamaica!

My man is a thinker and worrier and he’s actually more shocked than I expected. The bigger the surprise, the more time he needs to adjust...He’ll relax and be happy about it in a few days...once he figures out it is all taken care of. But, we’re going to Jamaica! He doesn’t get to know WHERE yet.


Time to go!

Everyone left at different times and we tried to provide Waffle House for breakfast but ended up waiting in the To-Go line for about an hour and there weren’t many people left by the time we got back. Hey, We tried...


Home sweet home!

We cleaned up the house and headed to the airport to go back to our love nest!


What a Weekend!


What am I doing tomorrow?
Being the birthday girl all damn day!!!


34 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride