164 Days - Destination Wedding Journal - Black Destination Bride

Day 164

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Temperature: High 28° / Low 13°


What Kind of Day Did I Have & Why?

Christmas-y Wonderfulness! Did I complete Christmas-related tasks all day - No. I worked, opened my first business bank account, killed it at the gym, worked some more, got a status update on my wedding dress fabric and completed a few more errands...But I did get to decorate our Christmas tree tonight, so there! My day instantly became a day of Christmas-y Wonderfulness!

How Do I Feel? Health/Lupie Status?

Today was actually a 2.5/3 for pain today which is amazing considering the ridiculously low temperatures that are starting to ramp up in this city. Or should I say ramping down since the temperatures are dropping? I know what I mean...It’s cold as fuck outside and I’m still in good health and appear to be far from a flare up, which is great! I do need to refill my prescriptions since I just took my last dose of Naproxen (my pain pills) which makes me a little nervous.


Workout Time & Duration?

When I say I killed it, I really killed it in the gym today. I went immediately after opening my business banking account and I must’ve been on the high from that experience because I feel like I can do Core Day every day! Hell, I probably should so I can get this midsection all the way in order since the plan is to be SNATCHED for my wedding weekend! But, I’ve heard a gazillion times that “you should never work the same muscle group every day” yada, yada, yada, yeah, yeah, yeah...We’ll see how I’m looking by February. Anyway, I am happy that I decided to change up the workout format for the week and include a day dedicated to Core. Great idea Omi! Why thank you, Self! And it only took an hour for Core and Cardio. I added a Booty Bonus which tacked on an additional 25 mins which brought me closer to my usual 1 ½ hr workout. Can’t wait to do it again next week! Hmmm...I wonder if I can do it twice a week? Hmmm...


Destination Wedding Task Tackled:

Something amazingly wonderfully awesome happened to me at 5:40 pm today.
Annette from Bridals by Lori called and asked me if it was okay for her to send my dress fabric tomorrow!

Ummm, hell yeah it’s okay!
I mean, Hell YES Annette! Send my fabric, please!

My response made her giggle for a sec and then she was back to business (I love that about her, by the way). She said she was asking because some brides didn’t want to accept deliveries since they would be out of town for the holidays. Lucky me! I’m staying home so she’s sending it my way ASAP. I thanked her profusely, just as any fabric-happy destination wedding bride would, and wished her happy holidays and all that jazz. The funny thing is that on Day 178, I set a reminder to check on my fabric tomorrow and they beat my timer. Gotta love Bridals by Lori! I think it’s about that time for a post about my experience with them.


Any Old Destination Wedding Tasks Making a Comeback?

Nope! BUT I did decorate my tree today. That doesn’t count??? No? Okay, fine.


Loving Black Love Moment?

If you haven’t figured it out by my last week or so (Days 170, 169, 168, 167, 166 and 165) I’m all about decorating my Christmas tree. It just isn’t Christmas without it. The act of decorating it takes me to a happy place and as soon as those unraveled lights hit my hands I was all smiles. Che is really into his Christmas music as well, so he was in charge of Christmas music and handing me ornaments as needed. We both hit a point when we were very into our favorite parts and I realized that we are madly in love with each other AND Christmas. We finished decorating before midnight and we were very proud of the tree. And by we, I mean mainly me, but Che made sure that we took pictures to memorialize our night, between me and my glasses and Sparky hating his hat and his aweful attention span, it took us a while, but we got it together - and had fun doing it! This also happens to be our last Unmarried Christmas Tree.

What am I happy for?

Christmas trees! Hey, I’m allowed to say that. No description needed either. I am simply happy for Christmas trees!

What could I have done better?

Nothing at all! I even let Che put some ornaments on the tree this year! Admittedly, it was the back of the tree...but still! It’s never happened before which means it counts as growth... so I’m the shit today!

What am I doing tomorrow?

Not working out - it’s my rest day! But I will be looking at these napkin pictures and giving Lea some feedback. I also need to get this reception lighting presentation for Che together while I’m at it.